Cloud Pak for Integration

Deploy Kafka


This page contains guidance on how to configure the Event Streams release for both on-prem and ROKS.

Prepare Installation

  1. Change project to eventstreams
    oc project eventstreams
  2. Resources Required:

    If you enable message indexing (which is enabled by default), then you must have the vm.max_map_count property set to at least 262144 on all IBM Cloud Private nodes in your cluster (not only the master node). Please note this property may have already been updated by other workloads to be higher than the minimum required. Run the following commands on each node:

     sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
     echo "vm.max_map_count=262144" | tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf

Begin Installation

  1. Go to CP4I Platform Home. Click Add new instance inside the Event Streams tile.
Platform Home
Platform Home
  1. A window will pop up with a description of the requirements for installing. Click Continue to the helm chart deployment configuration.
Requirements Dialog
Requirements Dialog
  1. Click Overview to view the chart information and pre-reqs that were covered in Prepare Installation.
  2. Click Configure
  3. Enter the Helm release name. In our example, es-1
  4. Enter Target Namespace - eventstreams
  5. Select a Cluster - local-cluster.
  6. Check the license agreement.
Event Streams Install Chart 1
Event Streams Install Chart 1
  1. Under Parameters click All Parameters to expand.
    1. Ingress - icp-proxy address defined during icp / common-services installation - icp-proxy.<openshift-router-domain>
    2. Image Pull Secret - the secret used to pull images for install from the docker registry. You can get this secret by typing the command oc get secret -n eventstreams. copy the name of the secret beginning with deployer-dockercfg-xxxxx.
      Global Install Settings
  2. Scroll down to External access settings - enter the proxy address - icp-proxy.<openshift-router-domain>. externa access settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom. Click Install.

Validate Installation

  1. check pods using the command line
    oc get pods -n eventstreams
    NAME                                                    READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
     es-1-ibm-es-access-controller-deploy-5db9c7fb45-gz2nm   2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-access-controller-deploy-5db9c7fb45-p2whr   2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-collector-deploy-76d7fb99bd-vnfqd           2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-elastic-sts-0                               2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-elastic-sts-1                               2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-indexmgr-deploy-5b8bd89c4b-6pxs7            2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-kafka-sts-0                                 5/5       Running     2          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-kafka-sts-1                                 5/5       Running     1          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-kafka-sts-2                                 5/5       Running     2          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-proxy-deploy-6f8959775-89j4m                1/1       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-proxy-deploy-6f8959775-dlnh6                1/1       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-proxy-deploy-6f8959775-vx9ps                1/1       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-rest-deploy-8667789594-qssvf                3/3       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-rest-producer-deploy-8f8c79f8f-mvldm        1/1       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-rest-proxy-deploy-849b45f5c9-s7p8x          1/1       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-schemaregistry-sts-0                        2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-ui-deploy-5d44c64-mgg9j                     2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-ui-oauth2-client-reg-v4hmv                  0/1       Completed   0          12h
     es-1-ibm-es-zookeeper-sts-0                             2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-zookeeper-sts-1                             2/2       Running     0          3m
     es-1-ibm-es-zookeeper-sts-2                             2/2       Running     0          3m
  2. Make sure the bootstrap server is running
    1. Click es-1 on Platform Home.
      Platform Home
      Platform Home
    2. Click Connect to this cluster.
      Eventstreams Home
      Eventstreams Home
    3. Make sure the bootstrap server shows an address.
      Eventstreams Bootstrap Server
      Eventstreams Bootstrap Server